Prismatic is open-source software / hardware for photobiology research

What is Prismatic?

Prismatic is a modular, wifi programmable, multi-channel LED light that gives you precise control over the the spectrum you give your plants. Connect with your phone or computer, the web-based scheduling system lets you create simple and advanced programs.

I built Prismatic to optimize light spectrum for organogenesis and regeneration in tissue culture, but it can be used for any precision lighting, photobiology, specialty plant growth, or plant propagation situation.

Prismatic V2 Coming March 2019

Pulse: a multi-channel LED driver

A multi-channel LED driver built on NodeMCU (with constant-voltage and constant-current versions, depending on your needs).

Photon: a multi-channel LED array

A 9 channel LED array designed for the WeVitro dogBox tissue culture bioreactor

Prismatic V1 AKA FinMax

Infographic Prismatic V1 AKA FinMax

How is Prismatic used?

Each Prismatic module can be independently programmed, try growing your plants under different conditions and see how they respond. Perform controlled experiments using the Central Composite Rotatable Design. Generate a response surface and find the optimum mixture of spectra. I then validate this using replicated studies.

How did I make this stuff?

What’s here for me?

DIY - Prismatic is going open-source, check back soon for:

Like what you see?

Prismatic was designed and built by Finlay A.A. Small in association with the the AMP Jones Lab and the Gosling Research institute for Plant Preservation at The University of Guelph.

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